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RV7365GT : Two Chalets with a Large Plot of Land in Busot

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Located in the scenic village of Busot, this expansive 4269m2 chalet stands as a unique and versatile investment opportunity. Featuring two independent single-family homes, the property sits on urban land with exciting potential for subdivision into four independent plots, offering a canvas for various business ventures.

The primary residence has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, providing ample living space for a comfortable family lifestyle or hosting guests. Additionally, the second dwelling, characterized by its independence and coziness, comprises 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, serving as an ideal space for autonomous living or accommodating family members or tenants.

With a total land area of 4269m2, the chalet extends beyond the realm of mere residential property, positioning itself as a strategic investment with unparalleled possibilities. Envision the creation of four independent homes, establishing a distinctive residential complex within the picturesque village. Alternatively, explore the potential for a nature-friendly campground, catering to outdoor enthusiasts, or transform the space into a capacious events center for special occasions.

While the property as a whole requires updates and sanitation, this serves as the perfect opportunity for prospective buyers to customize and modernize the chalet according to their preferences, turning it into a jewel of their dreams.

The village of Busot itself adds an additional layer of appeal to this investment. Renowned for its historic charm and tranquil living, Busot offers an authentic and idyllic setting less than 10 kilometers from the coast. Its excellent connections to neighboring villages, the motorway, and the city of Alicante make it a desirable location. The village boasts a picturesque historic center, attracting tourists with its churches, museums, and a restored castle offering panoramic views. Monthly markets, festivals, and various cultural events contribute to the vibrant community life.

Moreover, Busot draws thousands of visitors each year to explore the famous Canelobre Caves, the largest network of underground caves in Europe located on Mount Cabeço. Here, one can find a serene bar to pause for a drink and enjoy the incredible sea views.

In summary, this property, with its two independent dwellings and expansive land, represents a remarkable investment opportunity. Contact us for more information and discover the myriad possibilities that await in this charming corner of Busot.

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