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Forecasts presented in the latest report by consultancy Frank Knight place Spain among the top five countries most attractive for real estate investment in 2022.

It is predicted that on a global level, 2022 will break the record for cross-border real estate investment in terms of sales. More specifically, real estate investments are predicted to reach the 7.500 million euro mark.

According to an analysis of global capital flows, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands will also be major regions for investment.

Spain is a very attractive country for real estate investments due to its high rates of return in premium areas, which exceed the values of other countries. The real estate sector is stubbornly recovering from the blow caused by the pandemic. This is especially evident in the areas of logistics, data centres, offices and residential real estate,” the report says.

At the city level, investors are increasingly focusing on the surroundings and location of a building. For example, proximity to public transport, how cities deal with carbon dioxide emissions as well as problems related to meteorological side effects triggered by global climate change.

The socially responsible investment sector is also set to grow in the coming period on the back of this trend. The concepts of sustainable development are increasing in importance in Europe, where they are taken into account in many everyday decisions. Furthermore, the demand for sustainability is supported by central banks, which are increasingly adopting new measures to make the transition to a zero-emissions economy easier.

The real estate sector is expected to receive increasing amounts of sustainable finance in the coming years as political and regulatory attention to developing a greener economy intensifies.

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