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One of our great passions is SPORT, which is why for the last years we have included EDUCATION and SPORT in our services, since we consider them to be the pillars of the future for children.


At Terrasun Group, we help foreign families to study and practice Soccer in Madrid and Alicante, hand in hand with teams from the 1st Spanish Soccer Division, either for short stays (Summer Campus) or for long periods (1 year or more).





Discover the official SUMMER Soccer CAMPS of the REAL MADRID FOUNDATION.

FOR WHOM? boys and girls from 9 to 17 years old.

WHEN? From June 16th to September 7th

DURATION: 7 or 14 days



    • Top level coaches.
    • Training sessions at Real Madrid City (Valdebebas).
    • You can complete the soccer campus with Spanish or English lessons.
    • FREE kit
    • Visit to the Real Madrid Football Stadium
    • Games and swimming-pool time
    • Leaning values through football




LOCATION: Madrid and/o Alicante

FOR WHOM? boys and girls from 6 years old


  • BASE SCHOOL: More than 500 students learn the values of sport by playing soccer under the direction of certified coaches, who guide the training of all of them, both in sports and in personal matters.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY: Aimed at players with innate qualities for football who, included in a global HIGH PERFORMANCE preparation program, combined with adequate academic preparation, come to acquire the talent that European leagues require to start and progress in the professional footballer career.
  • PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION PROGRAM: Aimed at high level players, who want to be professional soccer players. (DURATION: 2 WEEKS)

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